Welcome to ONC iQ®, a Cancer Business Intelligence Platform.

Gain visibility into the industry trends that matter

ONC iQ™ is a web-based software application brought to you by Oncology Solutions LLC, the country’s largest cancer-specific consulting firm. The ONC iQ™ product captures your cancer program’s data in real-time, enabling you to continuously monitor performance, identify emerging threats and opportunities, and visualize the business of oncology like never before.

  • Drill-down volume trending
  • Oncology virtual budget
  • Financial forecasting and feasibility
  • Access to proprietary benchmarks
  • Market demographics

Initial Setup

Our team works with you to set a 3-year historical baseline and create standardized queries for periodic data uploads.

Customize Dashboard

We implement custom dashboard requests during the initial 90 days of your ONC iQ subscription.

Enjoy your data

Weekly or monthly uploads ensure your data is always up to date. No need to reach out to decision support or business intelligence teams as your oncology data is right at your fingertips.

The ONC iQ Platform

Very few hospitals have the ability to capture the essential data for cancer program management. Even fewer have the tools to analyze, synthesize and report on these key performance indicators. The ONC iQ™ platform is the industry’s first tool for democratizing cancer business intelligence.

A Little Bit About Us

With over 43 years of practical experience as a cancer-exclusive firm, Oncology Solutions has an unparalleled perspective of the intricacies associated with the organization and delivery of cancer care. Our work with over 1,600 cancer programs has created invaluable insights and tools that we use across the country to analyze markets, evaluate care delivery models, and build financially sustainable, patient-centric cancer programs.

The ONC iQ™ vision is to revolutionize data-driven management in cancer services. This vision has been manifested in a business intelligence tool that is unmatched anywhere in the market. The ONC iQ™ team is committed to delivering the insights that will take your program to the next level. Our process is simple, precise and extraordinary.

Recent Case Studies

ONC iQ™ is democratizing cancer business intelligence through the efforts of Oncology Solutions LLC, the country’s largest and most seasoned oncology consulting firm. Our passion is our long-standing relationship with clients – a relationship we are proud to extend into the digital space via ONC iQ™.

Business Analytics

A mid-sized health system wanted to refine their existing business intelligence capabilities for the Oncology space. ONC iQ was able to rapidly roll-out custom analytics and dramatically improve reporting capabilities in a matter of months. The health system now utilizes ONC iQ for monthly volume and financial reporting as well as annual budgeting scenarios.

Oncology Care Model

An NCI center who is participating in CMS’ Oncology Care Model (OCM) needed a robust solution for patient tracking and quarterly reporting across 17 core measures. ONC iQ was able to leverage existing clinical toolkits to screen for eligible OCM patients and provide an interface for weekly reporting. The center currently uses ONC iQ to identify upcoming OCM appointments and collect data from triage calls for future reporting requirements.


A large health system was looking to standardize training requirements for patient navigators and support staff across multiple hospitals. ONC iQ called upon Tricia Strusowski, MS, RN from the Oncology Solutions team to assist with developing a core curriculum, which was molded into a digital class for all new navigators to complete. The curriculum is actively being used within ONC iQ and provides certificates to each successful student.

Demystify your Oncology data.

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