About ONC iQ

What is ONC iQ?

ONC iQ™ is a web-based software application brought to you by Oncology Solutions LLC, the country’s largest cancer-specific consulting firm. The ONC iQ™ product captures your cancer program’s data in real-time, enabling you to continuously monitor performance, identify emerging threats and opportunities, and visualize the business of oncology like never before.

When was ONC iQ founded?

December 2015. We are in our second year of active development.

How are ONC iQ and Oncology Solutions, LLC connected?

ONC iQ was founded by Oncology Solutions, LLC. Our consultants use it as an internal analytics tool and we have recently begun offering ONC iQ services to clients.

Setup Process

Can you describe the setup process?

Once a contract is signed, we schedule an initial site visit to introduce ONC iQ to your users and collect feedback on how you intend to utilize the tool. During this visit, we will also submit a data request asking for 3 years of historical data. The historical data is used to create a baseline for your account and develop standardized queries for future data uploads.

A second site visit will occur 1-2 months later. During this visit, we will show any custom dashboards that were built and provide user training as needed. At this point, your users will have full access ONC iQ.

Does ONC iQ include any dashboards out of the box or is it custom built for each customer?

ONC iQ includes approximately 50 views and dashboards out of the box. These views were created using Oncology Solutions’ 43 years of consulting experience. We recognize that each use case will be a bit different, so we also develop custom dashboards for each customer during the first 90 days of their subscription.

What is the pricing structure for ONC iQ

ONC iQ is a subscription based product with a one-time setup fee. Prices vary based on size of institution. Please reach out to us for additional information on pricing – [email protected]


Is ONC iQ HIPAA compliant?

Yes. ONC iQ is hosted in a HIPAA compliant datacenter and adheres to all associated policies. A SOC-II report and 3rd party risk assessment can be provided to any ONC iQ customers who require this information.

Can ONC iQ integrate with SSO providers?

Yes, we support LDAP, SAML, Office 365, ADFS, PingFederate and potentially other providers as well. If you choose to utilize ONC iQ’s built in authentication service, we require 10+ character passwords with 2 factor authentication.